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ID photo requirements in China

In different countries, the requirements for photo documents differ. You need to read them carefully, because even in one country, different requirements for a photo are different for different documents. Webappium tried to study these parameters and help make it as easy as possible to create a photo of the desired size and provide a link to the current requirements. You can also choose the size of the paper on which you plan to print the photo.

Photo for Chinese visa

China visa photograph example
  • Source: Embassy of the People's Republic of China
  • Size: The photo must be 33mm (width) x 48mm (height).
  • General requirements: The person must look into the camera, the face and head must be clearly visible. It is necessary to take a photo strictly from the front, and the person looks straight with a neutral facial expression, open eyes, closed mouth, ears should be visible. The face should be natural. There should be no visible distortion on the face. The photo should not contain foreign objects, such as a hand, a toy, or the face of another person. Head tilt ≤ 20° left or right and ≤ 25° up or down.
  • Head coverings: Hats or other head coverings are only allowed if worn for religious reasons and if they do not obscure any facial features.
  • Eyeglasses: Eyeglasses are allowed in the photo only if the lenses are not tinted and there is no glare, shadows, or frames obscuring the eyes.
  • Photo quality: The photo should have no damage or impurities, no background or shadow over face. There should not be over- or under-exposure. The face should be centered in the photo with all the features clearly visible and natural skin tone. The inter-eye distance should be > 60 pixels.
  • Head size and Orientation: The head width should be between 15mm and 22mm and the head heigh, measured from the base of the chin to the crown of the head, should be between 28 mm and 33 mm. The space between the crown and the upper edge of the photo should be between 3 mm and 5 mm. The space between the chin and the bottom edge of the photo should be ≥ 7 mm.
  • Background and borders: The background of the photo should be white or close to white with no borders around the edge of the image.
  • The photo should be recent, taken within 6 months.
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