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ID photo requirements in Estonia

In different countries, the requirements for photo documents differ. You need to read them carefully, because even in one country, different requirements for a photo are different for different documents. Webappium tried to study these parameters and help make it as easy as possible to create a photo of the desired size and provide a link to the current requirements. You can also choose the size of the paper on which you plan to print the photo.

Document photo requirements in Estonia are the same for all types of documents:

  • Passport Internal
  • Passport Book
  • Residence permit
  • Visa

Photo for documents in Estonia

Estonia documents photograph example
  • Source: Estonian Police and Border Guard Board
  • Size: The file size for the document photo must be between 1MB and 5MB. The dimensions of the photo must be at least 1,300 × 1,600 pixels.
  • General requirements: The photo must be provided as a file, submitting a scanned photograph, or a screenshot of a computer screen or a mobile phone screen, is not allowed.
  • Photo quality: The photograph must be a colour photograph and unedited.
  • Head size and Orientation: Look straight into the camera, the eyes must be level (head should not be tilted).The face must be in the centre of the photograph.
  • Head coverings: The person on the photograph should not wear headwear or headphones.
  • Eyeglasses: The eyes must be visible from behind the spectacle frames and glasses may not reflect light.
  • Children: The child must look straight into the camera and the mouth must be closed. Big hair adornments and extraneous objects (like toys) should be avoided in the photograph.
  • Background: Background should be light and of single colour, without extraneous objects (including patterns).
  • The photograph taken by yourself shall not be older than six months.
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