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ID photo requirements in Germany

In different countries, the requirements for photo documents differ. You need to read them carefully, because even in one country, different requirements for a photo are different for different documents. Webappium tried to study these parameters and help make it as easy as possible to create a photo of the desired size and provide a link to the current requirements. You can also choose the size of the paper on which you plan to print the photo.

Document photo requirements in Germany are the same for all types of documents:

  • Passport Internal
  • Passport Book
  • Visa
  • Residence permit

Photo for documents in Germany

German documents photograph example
  • Source: Federal Ministry of the Interior
  • Size: Photo size 35 x 45 mm. The photo can be black and white or color.
  • General requirements: The person should look directly into the camera, with a neutral facial expression, the face should be clearly visible. The face should be evenly lit. There should be no red eyes. The photo should only show a person (there are no other people or objects in the picture). The photo should not show the uniform.
  • Photo quality: The photo should be neutral in color and naturally reflect skin tones. The photo should not be damaged or defective, there should not be a source of light and shadows on the face in the background. The photo (especially if it was taken with a digital camera) must be on high-quality paper with a print resolution of at least 600 dpi.
  • Head size and Orientation: The face should occupy 70 - 80% of the photo. With lush hair, you need to try to fit your head completely, but at the same time, the face should occupy the same 70-80% of the photo.
  • Head coverings: The photo must be taken without head coverings. Head covering is allowed for religious beliefs and for medical reasons that are permanent.
  • Eyeglasses: You can only take pictures with eyeglasses without tinted lenses. In addition, the frame should not cover the eyes or cast a shadow on them.
  • Background: The background should be light and solid (ideally light gray) and should contrast with the face and hair. There should be no shadows in the background.
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