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ID photo requirements in Israel

In different countries, the requirements for photo documents differ. You need to read them carefully, because even in one country, different requirements for a photo are different for different documents. Webappium tried to study these parameters and help make it as easy as possible to create a photo of the desired size and provide a link to the current requirements. You can also choose the size of the paper on which you plan to print the photo.

Photograph requirements in Israel differ, depend on document.

    Photograph for Israel Passport

    Israel biometric photograph example
    • Source: Population and Immigration Authority
    • General requirements: When submitting the application for a biometric passport or for identification card, there is no need to bring passport photos, the photo is taken free of charge at the service stations in the Population and Immigration Authority bureaus.
    • Explanation: Biometric photograph is determined according to the standards of the International Civil Aviation Association (ICAO), undergoes strict quality and quality tests.
    Passport applicationApplication for an identity card

    Photo for the Israel temporary passport or children below 6 years

    Israel passport photograph example
    • Source: Population and Immigration Authority
    • Size: The size of the photo must be 35 x 45 mm, your face (from your chin to the beginning of your hairline) must be between 32 millimeters (mm) to 36mm
    • General requirements: The photo must be printed on photo paper. The expression must be neutral, with a closed mouth and with no smile. Your photo cannot have objects a hat or head covering (unless it’s for religious reasons), jewelry and other people. Your photo cannot be stained or stamped, wrinkled, folded and with holes.
    • Eyes: The eyes must be looking straight at the camera, not covered by hair and without glasses.
    • Head: The head must be held straight, looking straight ahead at the camera, with no tilt or side rotation and with both ears visible
    • Background: The background must be plain and even, light gray or white and with no shadow.
    • The photograph must have been taken in the last month
    Create a photo for a temporary passportCreate a photo for a biometric passport for children less than 6 years

    Photograph for a visa to the Israel

    Israel visa photograph example
    • Source: London Embassy
    • Size: A 5 x 5 cm color photograph where face take 70% of space.
    • Background: The background must be white.
    • Additional information: You need 2 photos. Please wright your name on the back side of photograph
    Create a photo for an Israel visa

    Photo provided by Population and Immigration Authority